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Mounted the A/F and boost gauges into the spare instrument cluster. It was difficult because I was using an ancient hand drill, ended up looking better than expected. I’ve still got to mount it into the car and wire the gauges, that will be the test to see if the tinted instrument lense is too dark or not.

The odometer is really intricate looking in person, the glass face was suprising too.

The manual swap made whole sections of cluster useless so mounting the gauges over the speedo and removing the odometer was perfect.


A new exhaust is scheduled to be made next Friday. It will be 2.25 from each exhaust manifold straight back into the trunk with a t3 flange. The hiccups will be that the manifolds need a couple stuck bolts drilled out which I imagine is a bitch to do (and will cost me more). Both turbo v-bands will face each other so the exhaust may end up exiting out the center under the licences plate. I have yet to really decide on that yet. The exhaust is the most expensive and critical part of this project so once that’s done everything else can happen.

Gold heat tape: Crucial.

Parts for the oil system keep trickling in, once they are all here I can cut my lines, turn the pumps on, and see how well the whole thing is gonna work. I’m reinventing the wheel and using a standalone oil system for the turbos, its basically one pump pushing oil in and one pump pushing oil back into the reservoir. It’s waiting on 4 more fittings before I can test it.


Basically everything for the charge pipe is here. That will be mocked up tomorrow along with hacking up the trunk.

Hopefully this time next month the cars working.