The Twingo just failed the technical examination.

The reasons being:

Rot in the lower left rocker panel (doesn’t need to be completely replaced, a patch from someone with welding skills will do)

Rear right wheel is “wonky”, which I know for a fact is the wheel bearing, easily fixable.


Handbrake doesn’t hold properly, and the left rear side brakes with more force than the right. A new handbrake cable should help with that.

Failed eco-test. That’s my biggest concern. I’ll have to get the car into a shop and have a professional look at it and fine tune it. That’s way over my head. I hope a tuning will fix it and that I won’t need to buy any new parts.

I now have 15 days to get it sorted so that I can pass and be legal to drive for another year. I wonder how much this’ll cost me...

MERCI TWINGO (wish me luck in 2 weeks)

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