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Gather round, everybody, as I relay unto you yet more of my wonderful grom-scoveries I have made since purchasing a Grom last week. But this edition is special as it is the LAST such post I will be making. Why?


1) NO. ONE. Will give the biker wave to a Grom except for scooters. EVERY. SCOOTER. Will give a wave or a cheer. Which, honestly, is kinda fun. Goofballs-in-arms, yo!

2) After many phone calls this week, I have discovered that my insurance is not going up 100$/6 months, like I thought previously. No, it is 100$/month for liability on a grom. I shopped around and while other places handle the grom for a lot less, the overall cost is still higher since they ding either the triumph or KLR a lot harder. And I’d have some single bike policies but that ends up being a hassle and I lose my multi-vehicle discount through progressive.


So, after a week and about 100 miles of silliness, I threw the grom off my insurance and onto craigslist. I have multiple people agreeing to my price which is 300$ more than I paid for it.

tl;dr - I made 300$ riding a grom for a week because insurance is a scam.

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