Damn you Dodge and VW. I love the Challenger and the GTI. I’ve test driven both and I love how they drive. A GTI Autobahn can be had about 10K cheaper than a Challenger R/T plus, and they’re both great cars to drive; one a lithe, turbo sports car, the other a heavy, torque monster. And I love them both for what they are.

I’ve owned both a 1997 Jetta and a 2011 Dodge Charger in the past, and they were a mixed bag of reliability. The Charger was great except it developed electrical issues and I sold it right before the warranty expired. So one strike against Dodge. The 97 VW was solid except taillights would burn out every 1000 miles. Typical VW taillight issue. It was totaled in a wreck near the end of it’s life. So the VW I owned in the past was mostly reliable - for me.

I’ve been perusing the VW and Dodge forums and the issues that get reported on these cars makes me nervous to buy one.

But I have to get out of my slow and boring Accord!

What would you do? Go with the German turbo that may or may not grenade after 30K miles, or go with the Merican’ torque that might turn into a Merry-Go-Round machine with the local service department at the stealership?