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The Ugliest Thing You'll See Today

No not this JZX100, Chasers are awesome.this is just a thumbnail image to guard those who don’t dare gaze upon the image that follows. Horror after the jump.

This is what bad choices looks like.


A chopped, 2 door, PT, with early RSX headlights, hood that’s shaped like tongue, some random red fins in the grille. And what looks like a later TSX grill as a lower bumper grille. Oh and some trash 20" wheels to round things out. I’m guessing this is just the primer, we can only assume it was later covered in some nasty air brushed flames, with skull throwing in for good measure.

Edit:reverse image search brought me to a Pinterest account call offdahookwhipz... the onion update for this car is, it is now painted powder pink...

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