The Ultimate Barn Find - Tales of the $10 Blackbird

Hello Oppo, long time lurker/part time comment-er here. I had great plans for a first post revolving around autonomous cars, but instead I now have a fantastic story about the ultimate barn (sorta) find.

Long story short: I went to a used book store a couple of weekends ago (note: I never read books for fun, so I also never go to bookstores) in search of nothing particular.


I noticed they had quite a large selection of aerospace/aviation books so I thought I might find a copy of this book about the A-12 Avenger II program (I should post about that some time too).

Unfortunately I did not find that book, but I found something much better: a first edition hard cover of Brian Shul’s “Sled Driver”, for only $10.

On its own, this would be one hell of a barn find; but, with the best barn finds they usually get better once you start to open them up and really take a look. In this case, the book was signed by the author in 1992.

I couldn’t believe what was hidden inside the cover

And for the last little nugget, here’s part of the text of the famous ground speed check story in slightly different words.

Different words, different speeds; same great story

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