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The Ultimate Fintail Special™: Alki Edition

This is what $2,500,000 looks like. No, I did not add two zeroes. 2.5 MILLION clams.

Now you’re probably asking, “What makes this a fintail Special? I don’t see any trendy new construction, just a beat up house.” Ah, don’t forget the other half of his lamentation. Namely: making lots of money for no reason other than dumb luck. Behold:


And based on the photos, I would guess these people in *zero* work improving this home. Triple your money in four years... Not bad, not bad.

Just strange, too. There are many nicer, much cheaper, properties in Alki, still with a view, and also a house that's actually updated. This particular house is right on the water, kind of -- it's across the street. It's a super-busy road, tons of foot traffic, and many many many people living in vehicles and campers. The homeless problem has done *nothing* to stop the insanity of property values in Seattle, even if they're living outside your front yard.


And yes, it’s basically being advertised as a teardown to put up townhomes.

With any luck, one of my accounts will buy it! [Gasps of disgust] Hey don’t judge — 2JZs gotta eat, too.



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