Sorry for taking up so much of the sidebar lately, Oppo.

Over the past few days, Kinja’s been periodically displaying thumbnails for my Initial D and copper brake line articles on the side there. Turns out the Initial D one was linked in a recent Kotaku article, but I don’t know what to make of the brake line one. Maybe it’s getting passed around some forums or something? Who knows. I’m just glad people are enjoying them.


Anyway, new JRitS roundup tomorrow, as usual. Coming up on a year now that I’ve been doing those posts (my, how time flies). Weekend wrenching update on Monday, too. The Saab is coming along slowly, but surely.

Also, I’m thinking about starting up a new series- I want to generate some discussions about precision in everyday driving, where we talk in obsessive detail about trying to trying to find the perfect way to do very specific things. Like the best time to activate a turn signal, or why the stop line may or may not be the best place to stop at an intersection. I want to look into the different factors that influence how one technique might be perfect for one situation, but another one might work better in others.

Let me know what you think. Shoutout to the mods for giving a boost to some of my posts during Embiggen Days, and thanks to all of you for putting up with me. Drive safe out there, and don’t let Daylight Saving Time mess you up too much.