The ultimate jalopmobile, according to the jalopmeter.

1,001,011,386 points
2 engines- one twincharged (turbo and super) flathead with 5 throttle bodies and 5 carburetors, one turbine
4 door hardtop convertible RWD dually with a manual shifter on the tree
Mixed origin (of course, it's got to be a custom build)
1001+ horsepower and I answered "yes, it is a vector." That's our base that we're building this dually convertible off of.
Pre-WWII (so that's where some of the flathead parts come from)

Finally, it's got 0 cupholders, 10 ashtrays, 999 bondo patches, truck nutz in Virginia, a working all digital dashboard, hydropneumatic suspension and a waterbed.

Someone should draw a picture of this thing. I bet it'd look awesome.
EDIT- did a quick sketch


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