It is with a heavy heart that I announce to Oppo that Cleveland the Saab has been killed. He was killed in action on January 19th. Cleveland was killed when he got slammed in the back by a distracted CR-V which caused me to lurch forward into an Explorer, which made the airbag blow.

Repair estimate came to 7,000 dollars but I think that was being overly optimistic. It’s probably closer to 10,000 given the rarity of the tail lights.

Warning: Graphic images

On top of losing Cleveland, the stupid girl who slammed into me was a juvenile which meant her mother had to be dealt with directly. The mother lied to her insurance and reported that it was a single-vehicle incident. Her insurance was pissed when they found out it wasn’t. This whole lying-to-the-insurance thing delayed the resolution which took two and half weeks. During that time, I thought long and hard about what I wanted. I was set on getting another car, not a Saab.

However...I was driving a rental SUV for two and half weeks, I was converted. A SUV is so practical and with me being so tall and wanting to get a camper, it was time to get a SUV. Now the current crop of SUVs are....boring and uninspiring. The good ones were out of my price range. The basic-est of the basic version of the good SUVs were within my range but who wants basic? Until I found this...



A 2015 Dodge Durango SXT Plus with the blacktop package. Needless to say, I absolutely love it.

Meet Lois.