As was trumpeted from on high on Saturday, Lucifer is ice skating and Wilbur has taken flight. I have a new car. It’s a 2017 BWM X5 XDrive35i. What has happened to car names? Damn. Anyway! It’s a metallic brown with a brown interior which is probably why it languished on the dealer lot for months but was a big plus for me. I would have rather had one of the nice blues that BMW has but finding one in the right price range was tough. This one was CPO, right at 30k miles and had a motivated seller. Perfect! Here are a couple of pics I took from their website before they disappeared. In them the car looks black, but in person it is indeed brown. The interior also looks lighter than it is in person. It’s not the fanciest or best car in the world but compared to a 2006 Mercury Mariner it might as well be. BTW, that is going to one of my sisters as a winter car.

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