I am a pack rat, I admit it, though I don’t know if admitting it is really getting me any nearer to solving my problem. But here is something that does help Craigslist Free.

Much easier to let go if I think it will be of use or value to someone else. So couple weeks ago I had a screen door left over from my garage project, I can’t see me using it for anything else so I put it on CL free, as usual it is gone in less than half a day.


Fast forward to yesterday, as I am moving things around (see above, you keep things, you have to move them somewhere to make them fit) and I notice the glass framed insert for the screen door. A nice piece, but worthless unless you have the door or want to build a door around it.

Post to CL Free, “To the guy who picked up the 32" screen door a couple weeks ago” etc. and I get an email from said guy today saying he will pick it up Sunday. Somebody gets something they can use, I get rid of something which would otherwise take up space or jave to be taken without to the dump, and said dump gets less crap to fill it up.

Not much chance of this kind of hook-up without our digital, connected world-simple thing but makes me happy.

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