Last summer we all decided to get US Passports (me+spouse+two children). Back when I was born my parents were hippies and did not file for a birth certificate for me until I was nearly 3 years old. Many people during that time did this as a protest to the US involvement in Vietnam because they didn’t want their boys drafted to fight a war they opposed.

It’s here!

So I was born at home in a house down by the river in a rural town in Northwest Montana. The attending was a Mormon Midwife. Mormons avoided hospitals at the time for religious and cost reasons. Also at the time being a midwife and assisting with births outside of a hospital setting was against the law. I believe she was paid $300 cash and some deer meat. The entire neighborhood was there to witness my birth (10-20 people my mom said). I’m sure they were partying and having a great celebration.

The war ended and my birth certificate was eventually filed with the County, but dated 3 years after I was born.

The US passport agency did not like my verification of birth place as “down by the river NW of Arlee MT”. So they sent me a letter saying that I had to provide more information to verify my place of birth. I was horrified that I am a US Citizen and may be trapped in this country the rest of my life.

They wanted verification that I was born where I said I was on some type of official documentation. Back in the 70's schools and hospitals didn’t care where you were born. You just listed address and name and did your thing. So there was zero documentation.... I was able to get both my birth parents to do the lovely DS-10 form and have it notarized, which they also requested, and include two previous and expired passports for evidence. I guess that worked because I received my new US passport yesterday.


Now I’m going to do my TSA precheck and am looking forward to going to Canada to ride bikes and wrestle bears. I hear there is a guy up there with a Abarth/FiST and a Juke. Can’t remember which side of the country they are on. Be warned there is a Mazda 3 with minimal rust headed your way.