I’ve given up looking locally. For example:

In short, $16k for a 2011 Mazda3. I could drive to San Antonio or Waco and get a CPO 2014 for the same price.

And the dealership. Will. Not. Budge. Because they’ll sell it. Somebody will move here from San Francisco on Tuesday and buy it sight unseen on Wednesday, just so they can have a car for the 9 months they’re here.

This post in relation to McParland’s article today about driving to get a better deal.


I’m now looking at high-depreciation near luxury cars like Maximas. If I have to spend 2+ hours a day in 9MPH average traffic, I might as well be comfortable. Plus you can find 2009-2012 Maximas that were $33-36k new with about 80k miles for less than $14k without even trying that hard.