The V50’s Going to the Shop

When I brought the V50 in to a local shop for an oil change before the Spring Cruise (I know, I’m disappointed in me too), the guys there advises me that the CVVT hubs (Volvo’s timing adjust system for the cam shafts) were leaking oil. They said it was fine to drive for now, but I should get addressed soon. It has been losing a decent amount of oil (about 3/4 of a quart over the last 1k or so miles), so I’m going to have them fix it before my next trip in a few weeks.

I need to go back through my paperwork to see how old the parts are, but I’m probably going to have them replace the water pump, oil pump, and timing belt while they’re at it (they recommended the belt because the oil has been dripping right onto it). They estimated around $1700 for everything, which is about twice as much as the biggest repair I had done to my Corolla (most of which was replacing a window regulator and power steering pump). Good thing there’s a lot more breathing room in my finances now.


Speaking of the Corolla, my ex got rear-ended over the weekend while sitting at a light that had just turned green. The guy in a Ford SUV behind her was very optimistic about how quickly the three cars ahead of him would start moving.

The bumper, trunk lid panel, and passenger side rear quarter panel are all bent or dented. It’s only worth about $3k by KBB out there, so it seems like there’s a decent chance it’ll be totalled, which makes me sad.

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