After about a year and carb number 7 the old Plymouth finally moves down the road under it’s own power. It is quite the debacle if you crappy one barrell Holley goes out. I have been going to swap meets and junkyards for the past year looking for a decent carb. I bought two reman carbs and rebuilt both of those when they didn’t work out of the box. I rebuilt the original. I rebuilt the spare. I found two more neither of those worked. They would either leak, not idle, no accelerator pump, or would die under load. I even had the original’s body decked and rebuilt by a pro and it still would not work. My FIL had to go to Reno recently and he went to all the old junkyards he knew about and was able to find an old dusty carb off a pump or something. It had a different linkage than one you would use in a car, so I changed that out and sprayed the outside with carb cleaner and slapped her on. The old Slant Six runs and drives like a dream now. I am not touching that thing unless it stops running. If I take it apart it will never stop leaking, lol.