I went over to a friend’s house today to help him with a project, and I did one of my own at the same time. I finally cut the muffler off the VX and installed a new one.

Illustration for article titled The VehiCROSS: Now With (Slightly) Less Garbagey Exhaust

If you recall, my old exhaust from this point back featured 17 exhaust clamps. I’ve somehow managed to mount the muffler with, hold on let me recount...yup, one clamp. It’s not an ideal solution, there’s no tailpipe to speak of yet, but it’s now the volume of a regular vehicle and can be driven as such. I’m quite pleased.


What I’m still wondering is why somebody else couldn’t have done this. I brought it to a few places and nobody wanted to touch it. Five minutes with the sawzall, one adapter, and one clamp and I’ve got a muffler on there. It isn’t rocket science, but still, nobody wanted to do it. I also want to know why the PO thought his many-clamped solution was better than this.

Anyway, I finally have a useable VX and can start doing things it needs. Next up is the driver’s side window motor.

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