So...I’ve bought this VehiCROSS, which is to say I pick it up next weekend, and now I need to decide what to do with it.

I think the first thing I’ll do is remove the shower handle bar from above the grill (seriously, what the fuck is that even?), and then probably remove the lower bull bar as well because it ruins the face of the VX. I’ll also remove what appears to be two pieces of tire tread from on the hood there...I’m not sure what happened to this thing’s hood but its a lot and none of it good.


Then, I plan to sit there and look at it for an hour or two because its a VehiCROSS and its beautiful and its MINE.

Beyond that, the VX is going to function as my fourth vehicle and its going to get a light-offroading treatment. The biggest BFGs I can fit without a lift (white letters out or GTFO), a roof rack with the spare tire up there, maybe some extra lights. Do they make rock sliders for a VX? Apparently somebody does, nice!

I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted a week to be over with quicker in my life.

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