The verdict on my car is in...

The shop looked at it and gave the worst news: engine is toast.

For those who don’t know, it died in a car wash and just wouldn’t restart for nothing. They said the engine ingested some water and a rod was bent. New engine installed is $5,000 - $6,000 they said, obviously not worth it for a car half the value (no matter how much I love it).


It surprised me that this was the verdict - I didn’t think it was THAT bad.

It was a really good car for us. My then-fiance and I bought in 2009 in college. It was the car that rebuked folks who say they’re unreliable - we had it for over 100,000 miles and the only repairs it needed were: alternator (2010), thermostat & bleed screw (2013) and a new driveshaft (2016). The driveshaft was because a CV boot tore where it meets the differential and it was a nonserviceable part. There were some repairs that could have been done - a sensor shared between the ABS and DSC system was dead and neither system worked. It was comfortable and we drove from Ohio to South Dakota and back several times without complaint.


I could go on for days about it but I’ll leave it with one of the final pictures of it I took last weekend. Farewell 530i - I hardly knew ya.

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