The Verstappen Rule

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With the recent changes to the FIA Super License requirements, I wonder why this will not be in place for the 2015 season?


As per Racer, the FIA will not implement the minimum age requirement of 18 to obtain a Super License until the 2016 season.


If this is a change based upon safety, why is it not safe for someone under 18 to obtain a Super License starting in 2016 and not effective immediately?

I do like the new requirement that to obtain a Super License a driver has to compete for a minimum of two seasons in cars. I know, I know...Kimi Raikkonen only had 12 races in cars before his debut with Sauber and he wound up being the King Jalop and all around Ice Man. But after watching a few of Max's F3 races, he seems to not be ready. In a 15 lap race distance at Imola he went off multiple times and had contact over four times with other drivers in ways that were avoidable.


Let me know what you think about the future of youngsters in F1.

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