So, I’ve gone and decided not only will the bike get a re-spray, but it will get a whole make over.

new brake lines (dont trust the older SS lines, new ones are $265 USD)
new banjo bolts (currently red and oxidzed)
new tires (currently old track take offs)
new chain (rusted)
new sprockets (ditto)
new front wheel bearings (might be okay. but new ones are like $25 and they need to come out for powder coating anyways) 
new rear axle bearings (might as well match the front)
race tech valve emulators (soft suspension, plus heavy dad = needed)
olhins front springs (ditto)
new fork seals (leaking)
WP racing rear shock (same reasoning as the emulators)

probably looking at $2500 ...into a $600 bike.

and thats not even considering the paint job or the powder coating for the wheels.

this has officially become a forever bike. and this one IS coming into the living room over winter, parents be damed.


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