The "vintage" car market is suprising me.

Every now and then I check the local craigslists for going prices on 2nd gen Trans Ams. I judge them based on originality, rust, running status, and overall niceness. It seems the market has exploded for the things within the last year. Basket case base model cars needing all major body panels with non-original engines and crap interiors are going for over $2,000. That's insane! Driver condition cars are going for anywhere from $6000 - $15,000. I bought my real Special Edition car for only $2500 about 19 months ago (it was a great deal, but still). Also, this is a great deal if someone is looking to buy one of these. A real 1976 50th anniversary Special Edition - the first black and gold Trans Am.…


Edit: HOLY SHIT! That car came with a rear center-console. Now that is one heck of a rare option. Those things are worth tons today.

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