The Volga Flows Westward: Repost for the Weekday Crowd.

Well, not the river, but this Volga.

I, dogapult, have purchased a 1969 Gaz 22 Volga. This one, in fact.


I am now intending to drive said Volga across Europe.

I will be flying into Saint Petersburg, Russia, on August 8th and heading out towards Helsinki on August 11th.

I will be bringing spare parts and tools with me, along with my copy of the Gaz 21 Repair and Maintenance Manual.


First time driving 3-on-the-tree. First time driving an old Russian car. First time going to a number of these countries.

At the end of the trip, the car gets put on a boat for her trip to Detroit.

If any of the Europpos want to meet up at any point, by all means, or come with for a driving leg of the trip!


I will be cataloging the trip on instagram, twitter, and facebook, and doing some longer-form videos using 4 action cameras attached to the car, after the trip. (because of the sheer amount of editing that would take.)

It could be amazing. It could be terrible. It WILL be unforgettable.

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