Earlier I was talking about the awesome Volvo 122S for sale right down the road from me! Well I've now met with the owner and gave it a thorough looking over. I've got more pics now!

I'm really starting to like this car. And the owner being an awesome dude really helped as well. As an FYI I took pictures of only bad things on the car- looking back I don't know why I didn't take more of the car as a whole. Oh well.

The couple selling the car really do like it. The husband bought it for her when they moved down to Fl from Pa a few years back. They actually sold it once, but then bought it back a little while after since they wanted it.

Then the owner got sick. He had hip surgery and Swine Flu and was actually told he had about a month to live. Amazingly, he fully recovered. Sadly, they now need some money to live their lives to the fullest like they really want to because the whole experience was an eye opener. I know it sounds like BS, but the owner was dead serious; I could tell just by looking into his eyes.


Interior is all original. I was shocked to see this. Seats were in great shape and everything was clean. I looked under the carpets and there was no rust on the floorboards that was serious and exposed the car to the outside. The original radio was still there and it worked! It has a 4 speed manual and the clutch was done recently. Headliner was not sagging, door panels all looked good. I saw no signs of bad weatherstripping.


Once they popped the hood, I got a little confused. The car did start up and run, but it did idle high and the carbs need adjusting. However, and this stood out to me: its a B20 engine! NOT the B18. The B20 was only made from 1969 though; but they claim its a '67. So, either the engine was swapped or it is a '69. And I'd like to know because the '69 has a whole bunch of upgrades like better brakes and suspension bits. The odo read 71,xxx, and by the looks of it, I don't think it has gone around yet.

Rust. There is a decent amount of surface rust.


It didn't seem too serious though and the undercarriage looked rather clean. I tried to get a pic but I don't think any came out where you can see.

That is a hole there. Should I be worried?


Mold? Mildew? Will it go away?

As we were talking, he told me that there were other people interested. There was a collector in Indiana but had a relative in Sarasota who could see it. There was also a guy in Orlando. But I lived right down the street, and he really liked that since he wanted to still see the car.

He said the price isn't firm, but doesn't want to give it away. And I understand that. I told him I'd be in touch really soon. I wanted some more of your thoughts on it.


Im rather impressed. It was complete. All the trim was there; interior was original; badges were still on the car; it had original glass. Trunk was not rusted through. hey even had two original keys.

So, what do you think?