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The Volvo is dead!

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Ok that was clickbait, not dead. #drama. It just peed all the coolant out. Pushed it to my work parking spot. It’ll be fine I think.


Not sure where exactly it came out. Dripping was from the dead center middle of the engine, so I don’t think it was the water pump (except if it dripped down from it, to the bottom of the pan), and it def wasn’t the radiator, the dripping was further back. I don’t think it was the AC either, the internet says that the driver’s footwell would leak too, but it’s dry from the inside.

Not sure, I’ll have to jack up the car and see in more detail, no point in guessing.
Now I just have to figure out how to transport the jack and jackstands on a longboard.

Some of you are P80 knowledgeable - any quick, off the top of your head guesses for this?

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