The Volvo S90 is on my short list for my next cars

Depreciation is not Volvo’s friend, as evidenced by the great used prices on Volvo S90s. Handsome as hell, you can find them under $40k all day long, and even more under $30. I mean look at these prices.


The example pictured above is a 2017 with just under 40k on the odo for $24,498. That’s cheap. Brand new an S90 T5 Momentum starts at just over $51 grand. Even the higher trimmed S90 T8 plug ins can be found for just over $45k.

V90s are pretty cheap as well. This is a 2018 V90 T5 R-Design, Its CPO with only 13,018 miles for $39,988. Its also one of the few wagons on sale you can still buy here in the states. So its looking like Volvo might be one of those brands that are better used than new due to depreciation.

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