The Volvo stable grows...

So, with classes starting soon and since my 850 hasn’t exactly been the most reliable car in the world, I thought I would buy something simpler and cheaper as an everyday commuter car to rack up the miles, whilst allowing the turbobrick to be more of a weekend toy/spare vehicle.

So I did what every sensible person would do: I went and bought another dead cheap, nearly-20-year-old Volvo.


(Sorry for potato pic. Spent all money on Volvo, nothing left to buy camera).

It’s a ‘96 S40 with the (Europe only) 2.0L 140hp B4204S engine and an LPG kit. It rocks only 145k kilometers (around 90k miles) on the odo and is a completely stripped-out model, with the only optional extra being the leather seats. Frankly I’d like having at least a sunroof, but that was a secondary factor in the purchase. One less possible breakage/leak to worry about, I guess.

Thanks to LPG being around 0,50€/liter where I live (less than 1/3 the price of gasoline and less than 1/2 the price of diesel), it allows me to rack up the highway miles in total comfort and, with a 0-62 in the mid-to-high-9s range, is much faster than the 60hp diesel cancermobiles that roam free in our roads, whilst also spending considerably less on fuel. That’s a win-win in my book.

More in-depth reviews to follow later!

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