Thank you TFritch!

In what is likely the most corrupt election since the 1927 Liberian presidential election, I am pleased to say the 2016 Oppositelock Presidential Election is now at a close.

Now for the results!

7) Sir_Stig: “On Jelopnic, No One KnowsYou’re a FWD.”: 0 Votes


6) The Honda Bro: 87 Votes

5) Van Man, Rocks the Man Van: 95 Votes


4) Dr Zoidberg: 110 Votes

3) Bman76 (no it doesn’t need a WS6hood): 249 Votes


2) TheHondaBro/SaveTheIntegra’s: 817 Votes

1) Benjamin Rolland: 1,438 Votes

Congrats to President Benjamin Rolland on your landslide victory!