I have a buyer for the VR-4, the funds will go towardmy new found bike addiction, and a BMW scan tool. I found a used full carbon Raleigh for about half of the original MSRP, or the cost of the same bike in Aluminum new.

I never thought I’d be into biking but 4 of my closest friends started up on it last year and have convinced me that it’s fun. I want to be able to bike the 30 round trip to Work by the end of the summed. I’ve got my fixie sorted out, as well an a town bike with a basket and stuff for running errunds. so after the road bike I’ll be looking for a good single track bike, then I’ll need a bike attachment or two for my Thule roof rack. I’m also thinking about getting a canoe, and trying to into fishing more.

I think I’ve given up on the car hobby. At least for now.