The VW Areton really has no options and is kinda CP

As Jalopnik the other day, it starts at $35,850. There are 5 rim levels ranging from the aforementioned $35,850 base SE trim to the $46,210 SEL Premium R-Line with 4Motion awd. Consider that Leatherette is standard on all trims and that you have to get to the SEL Premium trim with 4Motion to be able to finally get leather seating as standard. That trim? Starts at $42,745 before anything.


Consider that its cousin, the A5 Sportback starts just $2,450 than this mid level Areton trim and the price starts to look less appealing. Even worse is that out of all 5 trims, none of option packages (outside of the usual accessories) save for the top trim SEL Premium R-Line. Its a $500 R-Line Black 20' turbine wheel option. The Areton should be better than the CC it replaces (hopefully reliability), but I’d take a pass on it.

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