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The W140 is Still the Best S-Class

I have driven the past four generations of S-Class, fairly in depth, and none of the newest ones have even come close to matching the world-class craftsmanship that the W140 possesses.


This 1995 S320 is currently 24 years old, it has 71,000 miles on that silky straight 6, and it still commands presence, striking fear into anyone who is lower than the upper echelons of the middle class. It drives like a cloud and the interior will make the passengers feel as though they’re in a cloud, with rich leather and wood generously adorning the cabin.

It’s crazy to think that this was the car that Mercedes used to one-up the LS400, both are insanely different views of a large luxury sedan. They both have their differences and honestly comparing them is a null thing to do. Alas...


As much as I’d love to add this Benz to my fleet, I already have one 90s luxobarge to save. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t see this particular car grace the Oppo dashboard again.


I truly wish Mercedes could return to these days of bulletproof quality and reliability, but I know these days are long past. I still yearn for one of these, or an R129, but getting the chance to drive both have been honors in themselves. I salute you, W140, for maintaining your ideals even some 30 years later.

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