I can haz a manual, AWD, diesel, wagon! Yay! But...current gen TDI Sportwagen starts at 26,565 with a loaded model topping out at 29,165. I have to imagine there is going to be a premium for AWD (IMO, VW would be smart to just make it standard equipment). So let's say for the sake of internet speculation that the 4motion adds 2 grand to the sticker price, bringing the base Sportwagen to about 28,500 and a top-line to 31,000. Still not bad...but here is the problem, as much as I like the TDI Sporwagen, in terms of it being a "sport" - "wagon" it kinda falls short. 0-60 takes about 8.5 seconds (depending on the road test) and despite the independent rear-suspension the it is not exactly a GTI in the handling department. I know the MQB platform should reduce weight by about 200lbs, and that weight will all be brought back and then some with the addition of 4motion. So in terms of the acceleration issue, we are most likely looking at status quo.

Before this news broke, I had a 3-4 year plan to pick up a CPO V60 R-design or maybe 328 Touring for low 30's. While either these would not be a "new" car they do deliver a bit more in the "sport" territory than the VW. And they also look a lot better, but that is purely subjective. Of course the biggest downside with both is the lack of a 3rd pedal.


Now a possible solution is to look to the after-market to bring the TDI up in the performance department. APR has a tune for the current 2.0TDI that will bring the horsepower to about 180 and the tq to about 297. But I am hesitant to roll the dice with the warranty and a tune. Not to mention the chip won't solve the lack of handling.

So what car is more Jalop? A TDI 4motion 6MT, that doesn't exactly thrill in the performance department or say a 325hp Swedish sport wagon with an autobox? If you had 30-35k to spend on a Euro sport wagon, what you get?


# jaloproblems indeed :D