So I've been with out a ride for several months now. Since some time late January early February. I forget exactly to be honest. It's been alright as a coworker has been driving me to and from work and my GF helps me do my running around on the weekend. But for the love of god I'm on the edge! I'm getting a new to me ride some time mid/late next month. I'm just waiting on the seller to be ready and for a few more coins to pile up in the ol' bank account. If time does hurry up I might just explode. the weathers been so nice all i wanna do is drive and enjoy it! No I'm not getting anything sporty but I don't much care for sport any ways I just miss the freedom of the road! not to mention I'm driving my self with plans for a few upgrades and preparing for upcoming needed maintenance as the car I am getting requires you stay a head of it as much as you can. If you do you're rewarded with a smooth ride and decent reliability. Turn your back and it will fuck you! haha

any ways thanks for your time, here have a unicorn I found at a show this weekend.

Chrysler Conquest TSI, little rough but still runs!!! holy shit! haha

Oh I also just got this yesterday for the new ride. maybe.. not sure, but probably

edit sorry about photos but my internet is acting up. so it doesn't seem like its gonna happen