So after I finally sell the Blazer, and am making more money in a month or two, the plan is to get something unreliable and impractical as a second car, since the Subaru is so reliable and practical.

I’m torn between a 4x4 of some kind, a genuine sports car, a grand tourer, something with a V12 (there’s overlap with grand tourer), or something that’s easy to modify (E30, Volvo 240, etc). This is a strong argument for something with a V12. I would prefer a short wheelbase with a 6 speed, but I’ve only heard of one of those in the area, and never seen it....this is clean enough that I can overlook the long wheelbase.


Mm, dat ass. What needs to be kept in mind, however, is how much my girlfriend likes first gen RX7s, E30s, R107s, and Jag XJSs.....