I don’t even know why I’m thinking of RT4WD Civic wagons. I’m just weird. So, of course, I came here to tell you about it.

I’ve had two Civic wagons, one FWD, one RT4WD. And I’ll tell you, a RT4WD wagon with studded snow tires is the ultimate car for Maine winters. I had one when I lived there and loved it. 10/10, would rock this again. But I have nowhere to put a second car, no time to work on it, and don’t have the very reasonable $1500 they want for this nice two-tone one.

Though maybe I should get this one instead. It’s uglier, but I’d want to fab up some skidplates and rallycross the hell out of it, so an ugly mismatched brown wouldn’t be so out place.

At least it’s good to know they’re still out there, available, and haven’t all returned to the earth in the form of iron oxide particles.