"The way I see it, if you're gonna be a Drumpf supporter in DC, why not do it with some style?" UPDATE: It's on Turo

This AMG GT S that was parked in a not-reserved space in the garage at work today. I saw it from the front and thought it was the usual tacky “luxury rally” car nonsense. Then I walked around back to take another picture and saw #MAKERALLIESGREATAGAIN on the back bumper.


I briefly wondered if maybe the hashtag was taking the piss out of the original version of that slogan, but...

UPDATE: I posted this on facebook and my brother suggested sticking turds in the air intake, while a friend mentioned that you can rent this very car right here on Turo for the low low price of only $325 per day. The description states:

This Mercedes AMG GT-S is a smoking accepted (Tobacco OK, Vape OK, Weed not OK) Exotic Car! Car will smell like Smoke. Do not book if Smoke Smell not ok. Animals OK (but please clean up after them).


My brother lives in the city, doesn’t own a car, and uses Car2Go when he needs a car. Maybe he should pick up a legal weed vape to blow phat clouds into this car.

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