I’ve been in spring cleaning mode around the house. Fixed a whole mess of stuff to include some car stuff. The driver side door lock actuator on my Cougar had been bad for a while. Replaced that. Washed the Car a few days ago and was able to keep it clean via California duster and spray detailer since. I even fixed the seat on my Lincoln. The back panel kept popping off.

The Lincoln was JUST about ready for paint. I have 96 Cobra wheels on the way for it as well. It’s been running FLAWLESSLY.

......and then Thursday Morning came. I was on my way home from work and whilst exiting the parkway and on a 2 lane roadway about 3 miles from my house, the guy in front of me decided 7:15 A.M would be a good time to travel 15 MPH in a 40 MPH zone without a soul in front of him. Okay, no one next to me, and I pass at WOT. Hmm. Car’s running goo....POOF....”THAAAAAT’S a hose......”

I make it home. The EGR cooling line that runs to the intake manifold popped off. The clamp disappeared. I changed the fitting on the manifold 3 months ago along with said hose AND the clamps. All new hardware. Easy fix. Refill the coolant system and take note of the small puddle of transmission fluid on the ground...... Great. There is a hole in the return line from my transmission cooler in the radiator back to the transmission. Anyone who’s worked on a fox platform car knows changing these lines on an auto trans car is a supreme pain in the ass. Best way. Get it on a lift and drop the k-member. Do I really want to do this right now? Can I get away with a temp fix?


Why yes; yes I can.

Enter the picture above. 3/8 inch compression fitting. Cut the tube, make sure it’s clean and bur free, install the fitting, and leak check it. Should be relatively painless. I’ll do it on my days off and take the truck to work until then.


Looks like I’ll be taking the truck THIS week too. Nothing but HEAVY wind and rains Saturday, had to do work inside the house Sunday and high 40's as a temp and rain here today..... Colder tomorrow. Same Wednesday. The wind has been nuts. 50-60 MPG gusts. It snowed Saturday night...... April shouldn’t have temperatures that start with 3 where I am......