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The Weird and Wonderful World of the Eurovision Song Contest

Last night was the 60th Annual Eurovision Song Contest (which Sweden won) and whilst it’s broadcast worldwide I’m not sure whether anyone really knows about it in North America, So I’m here to fill you guys in on one of the most Batshit Singing competition there is.

Moldova’s 2010 entry whose saxophone solo spawned the epic sax guy meme.

What is it?

Eurovision is a competition in which various nations select and artist or group to compete to earn a place in the Eurovision Final (with the exception of the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany who automatically qualify as they are the biggest contributors to the European Broadcasting Union). Typically I think they make up how many countries can take part, last night it was 27. Since its inception in 1956, 52 different countries have participated in the contest including various ones outside Europe such as Israel, Morocco and Australia.


Each of these songs are performed live on a stage in the Host city (a city in the nation of the previous years winners) in a 3+ hour extravaganza and the Majority perform their songs in English or their national language and the nations entered (including those who didn’t make the final) vote to decide a winner, though in recent years this has become increasingly political and geographical. This political nature means it’s unlikely that any western European nation will win (with the UK in 1997 being the last time any nation west of Germany won). But still it’s good for teh lolz.

I forgot to add in the winning song from last night by Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes

Wait, so what part is batshit?

some of the performance have been fun, sexy, touching and downright odd.

Finland’s winner from 2006 stick out as the most odd winner in recent memory, it’s Lordi with Hard Rock Hallelujah

One from last years competition is Poland’s Donatan and Cleo with we are Slavic which contains repeated depictions of a Polish woman churning butter whilst wearing a very low cut top.

Cranking up the oddness it’s Cezar from Romania with it’s my life.

Ireland’s Dustin the Turkey, with Irlande douze points.

Of course I can’t not include some real shockers from my Home Country the UK, so here is some real poor ones.


Jemini - Cry Baby. This is the worst ever result for the UK scoring zero points.

Scooch - Flying the Flag

and last nights terrible song. Electro Velvet - Still in love with you.

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