This post contains topics that could be triggers.

I have an interest in Philosophy, and WestWorld has gotten me thinking. WestWord is an HBO show based on a novel by Michael Crichton where there is a theme park populated by AI controlled Androids that have interactions with the guests in a similar vein to an open world video game. The Androids in WW are a highly advanced AI that follow the laws of robotics 1) A robot cannot harm a human being. 2) A robot will always follow instruction from a human being unless that instruction violates law one. 3) A robot will always try to preserve it’s existence unless that action violates law one or two. These AI don’t know they are programmed to serve and were made without free will. There are scenes in the show of intercourse between quests to the park and androids. My question to you Opponauts is if these sexual acts with the androids of the park are consensual or nonconsensual? These AI can’t really make decisions or exhibit free will so is there “consent” actually consent because they can’t say no. As a parallel to this, assuming the AI can consent, would a guest with a significant other having sex with a consenting android partner be infidelity? Remember, these AI believe they’re sentient beings with the ability to choose.