Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from May 21st through May 25th. Today we've got a spectacular trip near Moab, following your journalist dreams, GM's customer attrition plan and buying a car in Japan for 10 bucks.

The White Rim - HammerheadFistpunch


This last week I took the first major step towards this goal of mine, to be free, by biking/driving the white rim trail near Moab Utah in the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National park. It's a 106 mile trail through some of the most spectacular terrain God ever did scribble out on this planet. Read more… and also check out part 2, part 3 and extra photos and video.

How to Become an Auto Journalist - Collin Woodard

Like many of you, I have been a commenter on Jalopnik for many years. I don't remember exact numbers, but the site couldn't have been more than a few years old when I stumbled over here from a less awesome car site. About six months ago, after making a couple of popular Oppo posts, I started to get a crazy idea. S0mehow, I was going to become a professional auto journalist. Read more…

You Can Buy a Car in Japan for Ten Bucks - Automatch Tom


People hire me to to find deals on cars. Sometimes I save folks thousands off a new Mercedes or simply find the best value in the pre-owned market. It really all depends on the customer. However, all of those deals pale in comparison to these two dudes in Japan who bought a car for a 1000 yen, or about $9.80. Read more…

GM Admits to Large-Scale Customer Attrition Plan; Promises Restructuring - GM Admits to Large-Scale Customer Attrition Plan; Promises Restructuring


General Motors yesterday announced a recall of over 200,000 compact Chevy Aveo models due to a possible fire from the daytime running light feature, or DRLs. A spokesman for the company admitted that GM intended for the DRL failure to create minor annoyances, hopefully resulting in the customer's intent to upgrade to a larger vehicle in the GM portfolio, such as the Chevy Cobalt. However, after months of investigations and lawsuits around deaths resulting from Cobalt crashes traced to inferior ignition parts, the company is in a difficult position. Read more…

Truck Yeah! 1000+RWHP Turbo Ford Lightning - offroadkarter


If theirs one type of vehicle we don't talk about enough around here, its sport trucks. I know, I know, trucks don't have the handling dynamics of our lord and savior Miata, nor do they have those sexy body lines like a Volvo station wagon. Still, sport trucks need a few more features around here and I'm about to change that with today's subject. Read more…

All Hail The Heroic Cars We Normal People Drive - Speedmonkey

We eulogise sports cars, luxury cars and supercars with powerful engines, razor sharp handing and the very best tech and engineering the car industry has to offer - for a price. But most people I know who call themselves petrolheads drive much more normal machinery. Read more…


GT-R Explanation - CAcoalminer


So, all of you probably already know that the GT-R is a fantastically quick car that is exceptionally capable, especially when being pushed hard. Keeping this in mind, I'll describe something that is rarely covered- how the GT-R handles mundane tasks like traffic and city driving. Read more…

Endurance Karting Is The Best Karting - jbh

Karting is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get your butt in a seat racing wheel to wheel, this much we know. Unfortunately most outfits run karts with massive variability in performance with is only amplified by weight differences between drivers. Endurance Karting has upped the ante this year with a tight performance spec and a minimum driver weight for each kart. Read more…


Long Lost Hot Hatches - Nissan March Super Turbo - AJTaylor


In merry old England, the Nissan Micra (known as the March in Japan) gets a bit of a rough time. Typecast as the wheels of choice for the old and slow or learner drivers, they are anything but cool. Maybe if Nissan had given us the turbocharged and supercharged version above, things would have panned out differently for the little hatchback. Read more…

Get A Glimpse Of Purgatory By Buying A Low Mile Plymouth Reliant - TheDailyTurismo


In the second cantica of the Divine Comedy written by Italian Poet Dante Alighieri, the author describes in great detail a trip through the seven terraces of Purgatory. Mid-way through the 5th Terrace the poem's hero finds himself surrounded by the souls of the covetous, folks who have sinned through embracing things in an unhealthy way. Read more…

GM's Product Overlap is Killing its Ability to Compete - Automatch Tom


Autoguide announced that GM is shelving a Cadillac 3-row crossover that was in the works. The new crossover was to be slotted below the Escalade, but the automaker was concerned that it would cannibalize sales from the GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave. They mpe have opted to replace the aging SRX with another 2-row model. I understand that GM wants to move away from the days of excessive badge-engineering but to deny your top tier brand an ability to compete with the other luxury automakers is foolish. Read more…

The answer to why Cadillac killed their MDX fighter is right there in front of us - NotInDetroit


So, Cadillac killed their three-row, Lambda-based (therefore presumably unibody) SUV as Zac Estrada reports here, where I shamelessly stole the top image from. This leaves a huge product gap in their line-up. But does Cadillac care? Read more…

My buddy's Audi A3 - Torque Affair


I have never considered the A3 as being something I would own. Mainly, because I'm not a big fan of wagons (or hatchbacks?). But after driving Mike's newly purchased A3, I walked away very impressed. Read more…

JP Morgan 'Invests' $100M in Detroit - BrtStlnd

We've all been there, you're waiting at a stoplight and there's a person holding a cardboard sign asking for help. Sometimes you've got a couple bucks in your pocket so you roll down your window, smile and hand them a fiver before pulling away in your chauffeured S-Class. We should all be so lucky to have the world's most fined organization come to our neighborhood and do the same. Read more…


Long Term FR-S review - JonathonW8


Some of you may know that I have a 2013 Scion FR-S that I purchased around October of last year. It was my first brand new car ever and it came to me at a time when I needed to get rid of the most unreliable car in the history of the world. That Passat made me almost hate cars even with its redeeming qualities. I traded that car in so fast the dealer never even took it for a test drive. Read more…

Best of Live and Let Die-Cast! - Jeff Simmons

It's been awhile since I posted one of these, so there is tons to get to! Live And Let Die-Cast! is getting bigger than ever, we received a couple of prominent shout-outs, and the imagination of the custom-izers continues to impress. Read more…


My Day On Track - Arch Duke Maxyenko


It was a perfect day to learn how to race, temperatures in the mid 70's and partially cloudy. I was in North Western Connecticut, at Lime Rock specifically. Read more…

Carmax adventures: GM roars, 5.0 and Volt driven - JayhawkJake

I think someone (DeMuro?) once referred to Carmax as the mall for car guys (and gals). Maybe I said it, but I'm not normally that creative. Either way it's a true statement: People go to malls to walk around and window shop, I go to Carmax to do the same, but the windows are way cooler. Read more…


The Best of the Rest


Mark Linde spotted a clean Mk. I GTI. Kyle Cheromcha did some carspotting over lunch. DylanToback came across a 356. CPNSLOW took photos of the Ferrari Challenge at Laguna Seca. Audi For Life shared pictures from Portland C&C. Sm70 attended a local car show. Dukie met a 'Deadliest Catch' captain at an O'Reilleys. VincentvanCabrioW got his car working again. Motorsport Jedi drove an F430 at a track day. Asphalt got a ride in a 650S. Joest spotted a racetrack. Jbh saw a sweet Countach. Bird brought his Aerocabin to Arbys. F86sabre showed off some planes from his work. AMGtech shared some of his work as an AMG tech.


WRC541 took photos at the Oregon Trail Rally. Cherry_man1 shared photos from the NMCA Car Show. J. David Buerk showed off the great turnout at Katie's C&C. DOMdotCOM posted pictures from West Coast Kustoms. Pabuuu attended the Sharknose BMW meet in Arnhem (part 2). Nintondo-San added some TAG Heuer stickers to his NA. Twinturbobmw went to Portland C&C and posted video. PetarVN shared some of his carspotting. K-Roll got a ride in a 997 Turbo. JayZAyEighty posted some updates on his C4. Yamahog took an angle grinder to her XJ and got it a little dirty. Klaus Schmoll saw a nice Carrera RS. Mosqvich went to the Petersen.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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