Finally! The timing was right last night for a run in freshly-fallen snow. We had about three inches, so I went out for some wintery fun in the S Two Thousun. Quite a few cars out during evening rush hour, despite the national holiday. I saw one accident, and a bunch of responding emergency vehicles out on the road.

I was happy with the grip provided by my General Altimax Arctics. On power the tail moved around a bit, but evened out when I got off the throttle. I took a couple turns slightly faster than I would have in traffic, and the front did not lose traction. Uphill on a few unplowed inches was no problem.


I started out at the public library, where some SUV-ish did a quick handbrake donut before I moved in. I proceeded on NJ 3 to my office for some more sliding around.

When drifting/donutting, the tail comes out hard. My office parking lot has a lot of light posts, so I was at very low speed, which made it difficult to do any prolonged drifts.


Bonus footage at the end: I went someplace with my wife after, and it was all “NOPE NOPE NOPE”

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