Dropped it off this morning with a CEL for the fuel vapor reclamation system. Yes, I replaced the fuel cap, but once that failed to solve it, the other fixes all require the smoke test.

Speaking of smoke, starting the car this morning (I hadn't driven it in a while), I noticed a nice long puff of whitish smoke from the exhaust. Nowhere near cold enough for condensation. MAYBE related tot he fuel system problem? However I also noticed a sort of chugging, creaking sound form the engine bay. SOUNDED like an AC clutch, which would make sense as the car is 12 years old, has 160,000 mostly city miles, has lived in Texas its entire life, and has never had AC work.

This car is beginning to give me worry. The fuel economy has been steadily declining over the past year, from an average of about 25 MPG to around 21. THIS was why I was so opposed to selling my Fit to get the damned CRV. If my wife has one "fault", it's that once she gets a plan in her head there's no changing it. No arguing the other side, even. Thy will be done. She just KNEW the Camry would go for another 3 or 4 years, that there's no reason we couldn't get 20 years out of the car. I argued sure, under optimal conditions, but spending half the year in relatively high heat and all of it in dense urban traffic isn't the best recipe for longevity. That we'd be better off keeping the Fit.

Oh well. Now I just wait for the prognosis.

2002 4-banger.