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This time, in an episode of Rick and Morty.

As you may recall, I’m looking for more examples of this unique car-trying-to-start sound effect.


Not an easy thing to search for. Can’t do much more than sit in front of the boob tube and wait. And sure enough, it randomly happened to catch my ear again, prompting me to hit the rewind button during a viewing of Rick and Morty to confirm.

In Season 2's Mortynight Run, listen closely around the 09:20 mark. As Morty attempts to liberate the gaseous entity known as “Fart” by driving him away in Rick’s -er- “car”, the engine hesitates to start. (This could be an early sign of microverse battery failure, culminating a few episodes later in The Ricks Must Be Crazy.)

Sure enough, they used the same sound file. I know there’s more out there...

Find any more examples to add to the list? SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT


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