Is Tiguans are wonderful things

Kind of.

Got this as a rental while my Suburban is in the body shop for getting rear ended by a school bus. Had a choice between this and a Yukon. With no immediate need for the Suburban I thought I’d maybe save on gas a bit.

With a near identical interior as my last Golf, I was right back at home.

Something VW doesn’t get enough credit for is their fantastic window sill and center arm rest height. Perfect for window down cruising. Just a nice place to be.


My Suburban has an armrest but it sits a little low, and the window sill is so far away I can just about rest my wrist on it. My Lexus has perfect window sill positioning but the arm rest is fixed and too far back and low.

I think I want another VW. Not a Tiguan but maybe another GTI or one of them Alltracks.


I should’ve taken the Yukon.