The work ahead of me...

So as some of you may already know, I recently acquired an Emerald Mica '99 Miata that needs emergency amounts of TLC. I picked up the car a couple weeks ago with 123k miles on the odo. 

In this post I will list the work ahead of me. Consider this as sort of the beginning of a build thread, where I will be posting regular updates with the work I perform to my car in my free time. My goal is to have the car looking as close to stock as possible, while making it a bit quieter on the highway and autocrossing it a few times per season. So, without further ado, on to the list. 

The list of necessary work includes (in no particular order):

  • Timing belt/water pump replacement
  • Valve cover gasket replacement
  • Replace radiator
  • Change all fluids (engine/trans/diff oil, coolant, brake/clutch fluid)
  • Pull and clean or replace carpet
  • Install sound/heat insulation (floor/parcel shelf/trunk/doors)
  • Replace damaged driver's side door
  • Clean/lubricate window guide rails
  • Rewire/bypass clutch to starter safety
  • Install a rollbar (preferably done at the same time as insulation)
  • Acquire a hardtop
  • Replace shifter insulators/change turret oil

I will update this list as I complete items and/or discover further things that need servicing. This will get interesting pretty soon. 


For the sake of unification I will include the last couple updates onto this post as well. It'll make things much easier. So it begins...

3rd February 2013

So it was finally nice enough outside to start cleaning the new NB. Easy enough yes? 
well.... I pulled the seats to see how much of a number the PO had done.. this is what I found.. ack!

I counted almost $6 in spare change. That'll buy me some gas!

Not content with that, she also decided to make a mess of the parcel shelf..
This is what I found after I pulled the windblocker..


It seems as though she had a dog that never left the car. I had a really hard time getting all the hair out, but after a good vacuuming and couple goes with a lint roller... well, I can't say good as new, but at least it looks decent enough for the time being. 


Once I get my FatMat rolls I'll pull the carpet completely and I'll either replace it or vapor wash it and get all that damn hair out..


The trunk was pretty messy too, so while I was at it I decided to also clean it. 
Easy as cake, no? Well....


Looks simple enough until I take the spare out.


PO left a shoe in there... A shoe...
Could be worse, I hear you say? well... think again:


I have no idea what that bunch of gunk even is. 
Seems like mothballs or something. Anyway, a good scrub (thankfully I have a powerwasher) and it's all back to how it's supposed to be. 




Before the day was over I decided to detail the engine bay. Or more like clean it. The PO wasn't too keen on keeping it looking good. A little bit of Simple Green made quick work of all the dirt and grease. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. 







I think I made good progress in a day's worth of work. 
From this point on it's time to start taking care of the list up there. More updates soon!

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