I finally got my electrical service entry installed last weekend. The 20' pole had been sitting in the yard for a month waiting for me to not be busy with F1 nonsense.

The guys from the electric company engineering brigade came out and checked it for general lack of jackassery and agreed it was fit for service, so they sent the man in the bucket truck to hook wires up to the transformer. However, the bucket truck guy didn’t like that he couldn’t personally inspect my grounding rod installation so he declined to put a meter in my meter base and instead installed a plastic cover with a big red tag on it!

I called the engineering guys again this morning and he said he’d come back out with the service manager. They did that earlier today and the engineer convinced everyone that my construction was worthy of pumping electrons. However, by the time everyone was convinced, it started raining like hell so they’ll install my meter in the socket tomorrow. Apparently they don’t like to do that sort of thing when everything is wet and messy. I can’t imagine why.

I guess I have to finish running the wires for all my lighting now, but moving the ladder around is a PITA. with all the stuff in the way.