The world is full of drama queens, cry babies, and mom bloggers who use two fingers to type an article about how technology is ruining our lives, and then proceed to post it online. I am not someone who would usually fall into any of those categories. I don’t post facebook updates about how Stacy is a lesbian and is only hooking up with Nick to piss off Jen. Which she totally is by the way, that slu… what... oh... cars yeah sorry. Seriously though I think of myself as more of someone who likes to bitch on the internet, but then offer solutions on how to fix the problem I’ve decided to bitch about. Fun fact, the second part of that sentence was why they turned me down for a position writing at Fox News. See what I did there, it was a joke… Ironically that was another reason they turned me down, they ban all joy from the premise, and gay people… who would have guessed. Anyway I’ve decided instead of bitching about all the different things I hate separately I’d put them into a column of sorts. I’ve decided to call it “Tom’s Weekly or Monthly Column About Things Annoy Me” and rest assured I’ll limit to car stuff. For all you nosey people, you’ll have to go onto my facebook page to read about Stacy and Nick. Actually on second thought don’t, because that’d be creepy and I literally have nothing on my facebook page, no posts, no pictures, and no information so you’d be wasting your time.

Anyway hopefully I can offer an interesting perspective given that I’m a fairly new driver. Maybe I can offer insights into drivers ed, the teen mind and a whole lot of other deep ass stuff that people may be interested. Or every article I write could be about how manuals are awesome and and automatics are devil spawn, because that always seems to get a lot of shares on this website. If you want to check out my article about manuals feel free to here, some people said it was actually decent but then again most people here would like an article about the logistics of wheelchair sex if it mentioned manuals. I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this blurb, it’s not like you guys are going to read it and be like, by golly I ought to read his articles. So congratulations you just read something almost 100% pointless that I wrote while procrastinating on writing a paper for english class. The column thing is serious though, so if you feel like hearing a 17 year old rant on the internet about shitty teen drivers and make jokes that make my parents look at me with a vague sense of disappointment in their eyes then you’ve come to the right place.