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Above is a Daihatsu Charade. A car that's probably more famous for its ridiculous name than its physical features.

Fellow Jalop, Japanophile25, had this to say about certain car names.


"Honestly sometimes I think they name cars by just writing random words on pieces of paper and picking them out of a hat."


Many of us agree with the ridiculousness of many car names. What if it was taken a step further? What if they ran out of names to put on said pieces of paper?! Oh nooooooo!!

Don't fret!! I have a solution!

They just go to Wikipedia, hit the "Random Article" button and write down whatever comes up!!

Just hitting the button a few times, I get some great examples.

  • Aloo Chaat (a Bollywood romantic comedy movie) Volkswagen Aloo Chaat, could be shortened to simply "AC" by enthusiasts
  • Agylla Nivea (A moth found in South America) Chevy Agylla, Nivea edition
  • Allan (a 1988 song recorded by French singer-songwriter Mylène Farmer from her second album Ainsi soit je) I mean there's already the Vauxhall Adam right?
  • Shaldyr (a village in Kyrgyzstan) Toyota Shaldyr?
  • Torit (a town in South Sudan) Ford Torit?

The best ones I find tend to be of historical individuals and places around the world.


What sort of potential model names do you get?

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