Lights Out 7 in Georgia is one of the biggest races of the year. Shit will be talked . Shit will be backed up. World records will be broken.

I’m excited as hell about this because you’ve got some big names like Stevie Fast , Big Chief , Murder Nova , Dwayne Mills all coming to GA to duke it out.

These cars are going 3.89 - 4.10 in the 1/8 mile at speeds of up to 200mph +


What makes this so exciting is the radial tire that these guys are running. These are barely legal street legal tires that are no bigger than 315 ! many of them are able to go 4.10 on a x275 tire ! now for comparison the idiot wrecking his mustang at your local cars and coffee could have a 315 tire under his car and still makes it look effortless to wreck it into the curb. Can you wrap your head around going 200mph with a 315 !?!?!

Anyhow I’ll make sure to post the live stream ASAP