The world's only V-twin Isuzu

Did more work on the bike today. Very close to having it back together.

Mmm. Engine!


Left: new tensioner. Right: broken-ass tensioner. The crank bolt holding the flywheel on was severely overtorqued which set us back several hours.

The timing chain flopping around did some machinework to my block... that’s pretty neat but far from the most severe I’ve seen in one of these engines.


I got sick of these leaky horrible flex pipe things.


There is no way this is going to fit but I can just run open headers until I’m able to get a pipe bent or just bend that tip on a pipe bender. Or hammer the shit out of the whole thing to make it fit and then wrap it with titanium exhaust wrap so nobody can see the dents... hmm...


In my dreams this is how it fits. Which is bullshit, it won’t come close, but I can hope.

Other things I did: tilted the handlebars back slightly for #comfort, replaced the mechanical water pump seal, freshened up a bunch of other seals in the engine, and generally operated under the probably false assumption this used stator coil is worth a shit. Tomorrow we find out

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